Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Insightful research is built upon tried and true methodologies timely executed in the most appropriate channels, and executed well.  Unlike other firms, you won’t find any branded research tools here.  We recognize that each situation is unique and rely upon our 30+ years of experience and business acumen to design a customized research plan that addresses your business objectives. Senior-level executives with diverse industry experience work on every aspect of your research and get results by:

  • Asking the right questions, and actively listening, to elicit a deep understanding of your business objectives
  • Gaining the necessary knowledge of external and internal factors that impact your business
  • Thoroughly exploring the data to prove or disprove various hypotheses
  • Being honest and transparent; we appropriately set expectations that are consistently met
  • Having fun!  Work can be difficult sometimes and we make the process enjoyable 

We uncover insights using any combination of the broad service types below.

Analytic Summaries

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A full-service market research firm, Fueled Insights provides qualitative, quantitative and storytelling services to provide actionable insights that attract new customers, deepen existing customer loyalty and identify new revenue streams.